She has seen the world and its treasures. 


About Me

Marie Caroline Charles grew up in a house of classic style. After admiring her mother sketch and make her own clothes, Marie developed a personal and unique connection to fashion. With a mother as a serious government employee and a father writer, Marie was raised in a household of creativity and strictness. “It was amazing to see my mother walk glamorously out the front door to a political meeting in a pristine black suit straight from the racks of Barney’s. It was observing my parents and travelling at a young age, that have tremendously influenced my life.  I learned to be a strong renaissance lady, which simultaneously allowed me to discover my passion in fashion. “

As a pre-teen, Marie started a small thrifting business from her shopping trips during family holidays and raiding her mother’s chic jewelry collection. She sold whatever she could buy from her travels and wasn’t doing it for monetary gains (at first) but for the love of styling and interacting with interesting people. From here, Marie became the go-to stylist in her expanding social circle while still in grade school. From calling local boutiques to dressing her friends for big events, Marie naturally fell into the industry with happy clients all over town.

Years later, after finishing her law education and working part-time at a boutique, she decided to start Preppy Trendy, a website that pretty much portrays those fashion icons and rebels possessing that “je ne sais quoi.” However, more importantly, Preppy Trendy was birthed in response to that cliché question everyone struggles to find the answer to: What should I wear? Anything and everything that can make them feel like a million dollars!

Preppy Trendy evolved since to a broader perspective thus birthing Preppy Trendy Mag. It’s more a  lifestyle magazine than a fashion counseling website.




Preppy Trendy is an online shopping and fashion consulting destination for sophisticated women of all ages. We cater to the travelling fashionista who has seen the world and its priceless treasures. Through our blog, social media channels and online store, we attract the curious individual who’s looking for inspiration or maybe seeking to revamp their wardrobe.
Preppy Trendy is now an online boutique that features a curated selection of accessories, handbags and clothing; both gently used and curated pieces from new designers all over the world. But mainly a lifestyle magazine.  We praise brands who represent the preppy trendy customer: the globetrotter, the intellectual, the artist, the sporty-chic working girl who’s ready to conquer anything wearing the latest handbag straight from the runway in Paris with a pair of vintage flats! Our IT girl is in touch with who she is and represents and upholds style and class in the most unlikely places.

Where did the name come from?

Preppy Trendy was born after the founder, Marie Caroline, had an epiphany while standing on a subway platform in New York City. As she was waiting for her train, she dramatically noticed a woman standing near her dressed so effortlessly, Marie was floored by her presence. This stylish stranger was wearing a classic white button up shirt; collar up, a sleek pair of jeans with a pair of nude flats, a tribal choker and chunky brass statement cuff. And that’s when the preppy trendy philosophy clicked! Like many women already own (but may not know it yet), one’s must have an essential outfit in their closet, that can be worn in any occasion and represents the wearer in the truest form, yet interpreted with an unique twist. And so, in essence, this is what Preppy Trendy is all about…Simplicity matched with personal style.

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“Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will .” – Anne Klein


Marie Caroline