Boom, I heard in the bathroom. I had a friend staying with me over the past week-end, and thought she fell in the bathtub. I rushed over to help her but opening this bathroom door left me livid…

I noticed her shoes were gone in the hallway where we leave them normally. Turned out my friend had left in the early morning to peruse the city.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t begin to imagine what had just happened. My bathroom ceiling was laying in the bathtub calmly like a mermaid taking a saltwater bath on a Sunday morning. I couldn’t believe my eyes, they almost fell out of their sockets. What was I going to do? It was 9 am on a beautiful sunny Sunday, my chances of finding appropriate help were very thin.

Well, just like this ceiling, life is a full line up of unexpected events. First, we were born, and didn’t expect it. Then life happens. As much as we can try to prevent these unforeseen roll of life happenings by buying life insurance, trying to be safe, lifestyle balance and so on, so we can prevent the bumpy days in life, we also need to continue to live. A few years back I would have been so mad, so stressed and in distress because of this ceiling, not that I am ok that it happened, but I took it very well, knowing that it would be fixed eventually. I just laughed. I found that situation funny. As if I hadn’t had enough rocks thrown at me that week; just like that, the universe thought that I needed a cherry on top of my “Sundae”.

If there is one thing I learned from my Great Grandmother, it is the art of being poised, calm and relaxed in troubled situations. That woman has been through life with so much calm that I could not understand the point until recently. From riches to rags, to middle class, she endured it all. It took me some years to master it but I can claim that I am finally there. I take it one day at a time, stress free. It doesn’t imply that I am a doormat or a meek woman; it just certifies that I am a graceful woman.

Eventually, some things belong to the past, some others we forget about and some things get fixed just like this ceiling. No need to fret about anything. Life happens, and the best way to understand that is to go through it, live it, laugh about it and forget about it; until the next lesson…

I put on some die-hard gloves, cleaned up the mess of old wood and wet plaster in my daisy duke’s shorts. I totally felt like a sexy construction worker. Packed up four hefty bags of nastiness, dumped them downstairs in the garbage can, took a shower while feeling violated; maybe someone is peeping from upstairs, ignored all my food allergies and diet restrictions and fixed myself a picked me up: a large bowl of pistachio gelato that I had left in the freezer, topped it with whip cream and finished it with a big red cherry on top. After all, I really needed a sundae on that Sunday morning.