May 1st, it’s that time of the year again, The Met Gala. While we’re all expecting to be blown away by the red carpet fashion meet art event of the year, I am however over this naked dress affair. Countless times have we seen this dress that has left so little to the imagination worn by our praised celebrities, and loved it, although  this year I am sincerely over it.
Well to start this way, the naked dress holds its mind blowing factors and has been sported way before my generation democratized  it.


There was Josephine Baker in “La revue negre” in Paris circa 1920’s


Clara Bow in the silent movie “My lady of whims”

Joan Crawford in our ” Modern Maidens”

Mae West before Beyonce in “Go west young man” in 1936

last but not least of the oldies. Marilyn Monroe in 1962 at Madison Square Garden “Happy birthday Mr. President”

There was also Jean Harlow in 1932, Jane Birkin in 1969, Cher all throughout the 70’s, and of course Tina Turner the queen of sequins in the 70’s.

Therefore it isn’t new. I, myself wore the naked dress many times before, in the early 2000’s.
But my best memory of it, is that particular one I wore to a conservative party that I was forced to go to. I was 20 and I had made it myself. It was a conservative elitist Haitian crowd. Some of you might not understand the gravity of the situation; it was like going naked to the queen’s coronation. I wanted to make a point then.  You can be a stinking hot rebel and still have brains. It was made of a very see through, lace like black knit fabric, a very simple midi tube dress with a slit on the side. I sported spaghetti straps silver skinny high heel gladiator sandals with it. But big surprise, It was a hit. With all these geriatric conservative Haitian male bourgeois roaming in that place I was left baffled. I wanted the opposite reaction. My boyfriend hated it. I am a subtle provocative woman who doesn’t like conformity although I am very disciplined and strictly adhere to certain etiquette rules.
Nevertheless, to go back to our naked dress, some celebrities nailed the dress while others only looked like complete disasters.

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell nailed it! in 1993

Toni Braxton countless times. I spotted my favorite one of hers in her music video for

“He wasn’t man enough for me”

Rita Ora nailed it at the “Vanity Fair” Oscar after party 2015

JLo nailed it at the Met gala 2015

Queen B nailed it also at the Met Gala 2015

Irina Shayk nailed it at the “Vanity Fair” Oscar after party 2015

Last but not least, Rihanna my all time “naked dress” favorite at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards.

But this year “Rei Kawakubo” of “Comme des garçons” is being honored, I am expecting more. I want to be transported and inspired by the gowns. I am also curious to see if someone will wear an androgynous gown or something Preppy Trendy worthy; Tilda Swinton perhaps or Meryl Streep, or even Gaga, let’s see what will happen.
Anyway, enough with that naked dress already, it’s old news, let’s bury it another ten years; we can revive it then and make it cool again.
What will the Met Gala 2017 unfold before us on Monday May 1st 2017?