I crave deeper bonds, deeper connections; where people can truly be themselves and can have discussions without offending nor imposing their views upon others. Where free spirited beings would gather without being afraid of who they are, what they think, what they look like. I learned in my early twenties to discard of and curb any non-beneficial or non-educative interaction. That is why I hate going to night clubs where the impression of the same old pretentious and surreal crowd suffocates me. I am fond of small group hangouts, where real people and at least enjoyable acquaintances can contribute to an unforgettable evening.

Well, last night I was disappointed. I was invited for supper at a friend’s apartment. And as it turns out I didn’t enjoy it. Usually, I leave those gatherings with a big smile and a sense of fulfillment and recharged for the work week ahead. Last night apparently, I did not. It was awkward. I totally felt the pain of  Alessia Cara in her song Here at that dinner.

The attendees were a bit tense around dessert and tea portion of the feast; between the right-wing nationalist and the free spirited, everyone seemed to want to impose their views. This violation of freedom irritated me a for bit. We were ten people reflecting on our society now. A society where individuality and competition are praised; but very hypocritical on how the other isn’t allowed a voice if it’s not one’s way of thinking. A society where everyone thinks they are right. A society where if you don’t agree with me, you are my enemy. A society of conformists and sycophants.

I believe that this kind of outlet still exists; a place where exchanges, and boring conversations that help us all to unwind from a stressful work week can be pleasant. A place where freedom of speech and opinions of others are respected. Where we can talk about art, culture, travel, fashion and food without offending anybody. A place where you can learn to accept each other and grow. A cluster of thinkers, artists and free spirits. Somewhere we can all gather to celebrate life; eat the best cheeses, drink the best wine, sip on the best whiskey, eat fresh fruits and drink the best champagne, taste the best food, and simply enjoy each other’s company and the time being. I might depict a dreamy salon scene and sound decadent but what else is life when it’s deprived of these moments.

I refuse to acknowledge the impression that the world has been reduced to this foggy mirror of conceit, selfishness, arrogance and intolerance which is reflected nowadays in our society; thus, resulting in this one pleasant gathering to be at the breach of canceled friendship subscriptions. It’s was simply not my scene.

By: Marie Caroline Charles