Who is Cynthia Blanc-Preiss?

Well, I am a widow, Grandmother of four, Mom of two grown children and one five-year old :). Since I have spent years resolving my own mountaintop and valley experiences with money and business, I now work as a wealth and spiritual counselor to upscale and super-rich women and partnered men, helping them to overcome isolation, guilt, anxiety, inhibition, among other deep emotional obstacles associated with wealth. With a healthy dose of intuition I also provide my clients with valuable sacred advice and insight in helping them make serious decisions and finding answers to important questions. Each year my clients who have all experienced financial success appreciate the benefits of working directly with me to improve the spiritual aspects of their lives and their relationship with their money.

What is your background?

I come from an Entrepreneurial family who are all from Haiti and I was born in the Bahamas.
At 16 I started traveling back to the Bahamas from Miami on weekends to sell beauty supplies and clothing for a profit. As a young adult I went into the Haitian music industry by having my own business (radio show, full color glossy magazine, Haitian Music & Entertainment Awards). At the same time I also worked with Corporations and Politicians who wanted to get their message to the South Florida Haitian Community. After much success, I then got married and committed all of my time to my husband and raising a family. After he passed away I created the Association of Wealthy Women Entrepreneur & Investors, an investment education firm for women.

How long have you been an entrepreneur?

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 8 years old. I started selling snacks in School from my back pack for a profit. So it has been about 39 years.

What made you choose that life path?

I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs. I grew up watching my mother and aunt create 7 streams of income by creating relevant profitable ventures. They never had jobs and gave me and my siblings the best of everything.

Would you consider yourself a lifestyle coach or a financial adviser?

I am a Wealth & Spiritual Counselor, Speaker, Author and Founder of the Association of Wealthy Women Entrepreneurs & Investors, which is an investment education firm for women.

Are you a self-taught entrepreneur or do you have a degree?

I am a born and raised an entrepreneur and educated especially in financial and investment services from Kaplan University.

Are you a motivational speaker as well?

 Yes, I am a speaker. I actually prefer and love speaking more than anything else. My presentations provide audiences with powerful and transformative financial and spiritual empowerment.

In your experience, is being a female entrepreneur a difficult task in this patriarchal society?

Oh no, not at all. I love working with men leaders, and receive tremendous support and mentorship from them.

Enlighten us about the association of wealthy women entrepreneurs and investors.

The Association of Wealthy Women Entrepreneurs & Investors provides investment education for women, designed to teach women how to confidently use money to build wealth for themselves and/or their heirs.

Quick tip on what to invest in right now?

Ahh sis, I stay away from giving tips as each individual is unique in their financial reality, goals, tolerance and personality. A strategy that works for one may not work for another. So, unless someone is a client and we know their goals etc, we do not give tips. HOWEVER, the best investment tip is to always invest in getting educated on how to use one’s money in order to build real wealth.

Every extremely successful being on this planet has a daily routine, tell us about yours?

I agree! And my daily routine is making sure that the actions that I take that day are consistent with my goals, that my actions aren’t driven by hype or adrenaline, but by confidence and ease.

What would be your advice to another young female aspiring entrepreneur?

I would advise a young female entrepreneur that once she has a goal, to be very clear about it. Multiply it by 10, then make sure that everything she does is consistent with that goal. And most importantly she MUST enjoy the process and journey of that goal.