Call on us when you need it the most. From that once in a lifetime engagement party to that meeting for your dream job, this service provides one-off styling consultations for those fashion emergencies. What to wear? No problem. We’ll accompany you to various boutiques and suggest styles just for your body type and (of course) personality. You’ll be able to take away key essentials and important insights into go-to outfits, as well as a measuring session to help you fit the brands we know you’ll truly love wearing and that will suit your morphology the best.

Prices: Upon Request



Not enough time to curate the perfect wardrobe? Or maybe you just don’t know where to shop? We offer a unique styling experience paired with hands on advice and results. Whether you are looking to revamp your wardrobe for new beginnings in your personal or professional life or just need some great pieces, we got you covered. Meet with our head stylist to iron out all the details for all budgets. 

Prices: Upon Request


Leave it up to us to tackle your disorganized closet, and you’ll be on your way to complete bedroom bliss. Too often, our closets are bloated with everything from jackets to those pair of shoes you forgot you bought last year. And this room, albeit small or large, is by no means a museum!  Declutter your life and uncover the real gems you’ve always had but could never find so you can start wearing those key pieces tomorrow. We’ll help you emotionally relieve items in your closet that mean the most, and most importantly, make room for new purchases. Closets with fashionable gems can also be sold to our online consignment shop! This service takes at least (4) hours. 

Prices: Upon Request



Preppy Trendy is a full-service styling company dedicated to honoring and unleashing individual personal style. We offer unique consultation packages based on our client need. Our head stylist Marie Caroline has 10 years in fashion, working with international clients from all different backgrounds. 

Mix and match our services and receive a package price.