Finally, warmer weather is upon us. Let’s get out of those winter boots and relax these feet in some fabulous footwear. I am a shoe freak and I seriously mean it. Tell me what you are sporting and I’ll tell you who you are.

We all have our “peche mignon” and shoes are my vanity, added to my leather jacket collection of course. At one point in my life, before my apartment caught on fire about five years ago, I must have had more shoes than the days of the year. These days are long gone, as I try to make conscious choices. Quality, craftsmanship, price etc. But now and then it’s hard not to melt at the sight of certain shoes. The dopamine a new pair of shoes procures to our brain is incomparable.

Well, this summer is all about comfort and boldness; at least for me. I have hand picked a few pairs that I think are worth having and that will eventually end up in my shoe collection. Some are bolder than others, some are old-school revival and some just classic summer shoes that we can’t get enough of.

Although it’s great to collect shoes and accessories from mainstream high end brands, it’s of good taste to buy exquisite and unusual items from contemporary lines that are as luxurious and of equally good quality.

Anyway these darlings below are a must have for the contemporary woman’s closet.

Rita Lola from Lena Erziak Spring 2017 collection


N0 21 by Alessandro Dell’aqua

Bow creeper sandal by Rihanna Fenty x Puma

La maison de l’espadrille available at Noma Boutique

Rita Eva from Lena Erziak Spring 2017 collection

Converse Chuck Taylor Andy Warhol Limited Edition

Zara’s Wrap-around leather leaf sandals 

Zara’s Multi-straps sandals

Rita Garbo by Lena Erziak spring 2017

Converse Andy Warhol limited Edition 

Harlow by Steve Madden

Slinky by Steve Madden