Fashion designers have often been involved in design for ballet.

Fashion designers Cecil Beaton in England, Christian Lacroix in France, and Isaac Mizrahi in the United States have all designed tutus. Among the leading makers of tutus around the world, few designers have matched the reputation of Barbara Karinska (1886-1983), costumer for the New York City Ballet for many years, She designed and constructed tutus of extraordinary beauty and durability. (Source Wikipedia)

That said, the tutu skirt brought back a lot of memories for me. I remember the days when I was a tomboy; I wore a Chicago Bulls basketball jersey and some wide legs pants, feeling powerful and totally oblivious of my gender. I felt liberated and thought that I had total control over life. Until the day my parents started to worry about my wardrobe that consisted of plaid flannel shirts, sports jerseys, wide leg jeans and doc martens, and about the fact that I hung with the boys far more often than I should have and adopted these horrible male teenage manners.  One day, I received a studded fuchsia mini skirt from my parents which turned out to change the entire course of my teenage years, and my life. It taught me femininity.

I clung to that mini skirt and wore it whenever I had an event. It was my second skin for a long period of time. I got so much attention wearing it; until it disappeared.

Ten long years went by before I was reunited with it. We were moving out of my childhood house. I was then about twenty three years old; it fell out of my grandmother’s closet by accident.  The only place I respected enough, and would never go dig for it. It had been there all that time. Everyone present laughed. They had hidden it because boys started to call my house too often in the way they call looking forward to talk to girlfriend prospects, not tomboys; and I was going to too many “teenager parties” wearing that “One third of a skirt” as my father used to call it. Everyone knew it was there, but me. Even my younger brother; he never spilled the beans. I had cried, put on a tantrum, gone on hunger strikes but still my skirt stayed MIA. That skirt made me. It turned me into a woman.

Just like that skirt, I claim my fun, outgoing, sexy personality when I wear my tutu. I bloom like a Gardenia. It unleashes my Wonder Woman super powers. It brings me back to that studded fuchsia mini skirt that I’ll probably redesign soon to add to our “Preppy Trendy” clothing line collection.

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