It’s that time of the year again: spring/summer. And many feet will be exposed after the long hibernating period of winter months. That said, let’s take care of these feet before displaying them in the world’s face. I have a chronic foot fetish. Nothing horrifies me more than showing off un-pedicured toes and crusty heels in sandals during spring and summer. Taking care of our extremities should be part of etiquette’s guide books. Below are some things that should be taken into consideration regarding this issue. One thing to be sure off; I’ll be staring, good looking feet or not. It’s my Preppy Trendy pet peeve.

  • A-Wear sandals that fit right. Your toes shouldn’t be hanging out of your sandals, especially the pinky toes. If they do, they are not the proper fit for you.

B- If your heels are hanging from the back of your sandals they are way too small. You can dream about having small feet but in real life, treat the ones you have the correct way.


  • Get your toes done before sporting sandals. It’s a must. It can boost confidence to have a well-done pedicure. Beautiful toes tell everything about your personal hygiene.
  • Be aware of long toe nails. They shouldn’t look like weapons.
  • Take care of your heels ladies. Crusty heels shouldn’t be out for public display. Wearing sandals that allow your heels to touch the floor causes this condition, additionally standing a lot wearing heels all day. Our feet are subject to a lot of stress daily. Certain poor diets with lack of proper vitamins can cause for these cracks to surface on our heels. Epsom salt foot spa baths and regular pedicures can help relieving this issue and nurture your heels back to normal.
  • Peep toe shoes are called this way for a reason. “Peep” means: look quickly and furtively at something, especially through a narrow opening. My point exactly. They aren’t “Toe balcony” Your toes shouldn’t be parading outside of your shoe hole.
  • If you have corned toes it means that you are wearing shoes that are too tight for a long period. Go see a podiatrist to take care of the matter. When a corn appears on one of your toe it should be taken care of before all of them start to look the same. Buy comfortable shoes that fit.
  • Sandals that are too big are also banned. You don’t have to buy them because they are on sale and look cute. They look like floats when you wear them.

In conclusion, personal hygiene, comfort and aesthetic combined are the trend to go for this summer when it comes to your feet. Be Preppy Trendy and wear your confidence from head to toe.