To achieve great looks, we must master the art of balancing our closet first and foremost. Not everything we love while shopping should be bought. Impulsively buying clothes because we like them is not helpful either. The closet may be full with labels or statement pieces but without a little organization and knowledge on how we can link the garments to obtain a polished and effortless look, we are always going to cry that we have nothing to wear. That said, I am going to introduce my 8 wardrobe wonders. Remember, my wardrobe never holds more than thirty-two items. Among them these are my basics and without them I’d be helpless in the morning. Nevertheless, my style isn’t probably yours and rules are meant to be broken. But I thought I’d share the items around which the rest of my wardrobe revolves.

The pinstripe shirt

Call me bonkers but I absolutely go bananas for a crisp ill fitted button up pinstripe shirt.

       Tips: wear it with a colorful fun skirt and a pair of white sneakers, just a great pair of jeans and loafers or heels, pop the collar up, put on some shorts, slip some cool espadrilles on, et voila.

My favorite one: J Crew 

The blazer

It must be an androgynous blazer. Never too short and too feminine. Never an oversize with linebacker shoulder pads. A big No No. It must be simple and fitted.

Tips: with a white shirt or a lace or silk camisole some jeans or black pants (should be the same black and fabric) never with a mini skirt it kills the jacket effect. For instant chic effect push back the sleeves or roll them up even if the lining is a different color.

My favorite one: YSL Angie Jacket

Missguided has a perfect affordable one.

The Trench

It must look as if you’ve been wearing it forever. Never should it look too pressed or rigid. Roll up the sleeves, scrunch the collar to wrinkle it a bit. Big No No, the belt should never be buckled like you are following a guide book. Tie it in the back or just tie it in the front and let the buckle hang loose. Life is too short.

Tips: never buy one that looks too military with heavy buttons and other war details, never with a long skirt, never in polyester, and never go for the pristine preppy look (pearls, hair band, flats and black skirt. It screams boring!

My favorite one: Burberry  Invest in quality.

The navy sweater

Gap or Uniqlo have a great clean cut ones. It must be cashmere it lasts longer, wash after wash. Very fresh for spring. You can wear it with everything. It’s timeless.

Tips: a navy sweater and white jeans are made for each other. With a leather jacket, heels and a stack of bangles you can nail the perfect Preppy Trendy look. With flats and cropped gabardine pants you achieve an easy look. And of course, black pants as an ode to Yves Saint Laurent clever way to color pairing.

My favorite one: Uniqlo

The tank

No skin color, and no pattern. Only natural colors: black, white, khaki, navy blue, gray.

Tips: with a printed skirt, short, jeans. A nice necklace, a blazer or tuxedo jacket. Abercrombie & Fitch have one of the best ones. Never distressed wash after wash.

My favorite one: Abercrombie and Fitch

The little black dress

It must scream simplicity. It’s a must have. Sass and glam can be added. Every store has one waiting to be the perfect one for you. It’s the incarnation of sexy, elegance and good taste. It isn’t a clothing item. It’s universal.

My favorite one: Theory

The perfect jeans

The best pair of jeans is the one that fits you the best. Jeans are never too risky. They go with everything. Straight jeans are the best timeless cut. And who said that white jeans should be limited to only summer. Not a particular color is recommended; whatever rocks your world.

My favorite one: Angry Rabbit. ( Will be available in our Preppy Trendy online store soon)

The leather jacket

Personally, I collect them. Well, that’s my fashion obsession. Bomber, trench, classic, etc. I own them all. It can save an overly conservative look. With pearls to break the rules. The older the better. The leather becomes soft and distressed. To break its stiffness put it under your mattress for several nights or walk all over it. It will look perfect after.

Tips: Tan leather jacket, white jeans, silk top and heels. Never with biker boots; too cliché

My favorite: Saint Laurent

Alternative: Andrew Marc